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please please please tell us about your avengers recast

Omg I am so glad you asked

Tony Stark-Aldis Hodge


Please look me in the eye and tell me this man wasn’t born to play a Genius Billionaire Playboy Philanthropist. Tony Stark…

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marvel give me a short about sharon’s undercover time as a nurse/steve’s neighbor and that one time she had to fight off ninjas from steve’s apartment while he was like, making dinner and sitting alone reading obama’s biography

With the music turned up really loudly because he’s a gentleman and he thought the noises were her having sex.

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Sometimes, bad guys make the best good guys. [x]

Make no mistake, I LOVED Leverage, but I WANT THIS.  I WAAAAANT THIIIIIS.

[Image: Five stylized promo shots: Laverne Cox, “The Brains,”  Archie Panjabi, “The Grifter,” Kehinde Fadipe, “The Hacker,” Michelle Rodriguez, “The Hitter,” and Arden Cho, “The Thief.”]

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Anonymous asked: Hi, I saw your donation drive on AO3, and I'm wondering what the money is for, exactly? $70,000 seems like a /lot/ of money. Is there somewhere I can see a list of intended purposes? Thank you!



70,000 USD does seem like a lot, which is why many of our users may be surprised to find out that in 2015, the OTW will need 75,000 USD just to replace old servers and expand capacity! The OTW’s annual budget for 2014 is 221,863.44 USD, and 70% of that goes directly to servers, collation, and staff development for AO3. The remaining 30% of our 2014 budget funds Fanlore, Legal Advocacy, Open Doors, and Transformative Works and Cultures; covers administrative costs; allows for outreach and membership development (such as our thank you gifts and shipping); and provides opportunities for professional development and training for personnel. All of these things help the OTW protect and celebrate fans and fan culture.

I find it amazing that people think that’s a lot of money to ask. It’s incredibly expensive to fund such heavily used and non ad supported websites, and that before anyone even gets paid for their work. I am definitely donating what I can to this drive, and I hope if you have a few dollars spare and benefit from Archive of Our Own, or any of their projects you will consider donating as well.

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These Women have Changed the World with Science - Too Bad a Man was Given all Credit



Sources: National Geographic M. W. Rossiter Harvard

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Things I learnt today: During WW1, MI5 used Girl Guides to send secret messages. They used Girl Guides because they quickly found that Boy Scouts couldn’t be trusted and were’t efficient enough.

At the start of the

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“It’s tempting to believe that this online row – a toxic combination of misinformation, anger and anxious masculinity – is just about one specific technology industry’s subculture, or that it will blow over. But by labeling Gamergate a “gaming problem” and attaching a hashtag to it, we’re putting unnecessary boundaries around a broader but nebulous issue: threats and harassment are increasingly how straight white men deal with a world that no longer revolves exclusively around them.”

— Gamergate is loud, dangerous and a last grasp at cultural dominance by angry white men, my latest at the Guardian US (via lipsredasroses)
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San Francisco Chinese Restaurant Temporarily Closes Because White Gentrifiers are Annoying and Entitled

A series of customer complaints angered the chef-owner of the small Chinese restaurant so much that he chose to shut the doors, albeit, temporarily, SF Eater reports.

“We are closed because of you (customers),” one sign read.

“So…yes we use MSG, we don’t believe in organic food, and we don’t give a shit about gluten free,” a sign directly below the first proclaims.

The chef tells KGO-TV that he made the signs because he was tired of catering too hard to satisfy patrons.

To illustrate his frustration, he explained one of the incidents that led to the closure:

“The second guy came up to me and said, ‘The rule is, if we don’t like it we don’t have to pay.’ And as he walked out he started cursing at me and that’s when I went ‘poof’,” the chef says.

An employee with the restaurant told the SF Eater that another incident occurred just prior. In that case, the party refused to pay for their meals after saying the food was “too spicy.”

(To quickly address the stigmatization of MSG- it is racist bullshit)



Too. Spicy.

White people are just collectively useless in San Francisco.