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Iranian painter …(أيمن مالكي )



his romanized name is Iman Maleki if you want to look into him more!!

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from the guy who brought you “Actual Cannibal Shia Labeouf,” please enjoy a new song entitled “Christian Bale is at Your Party”



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Okay, so not only does the scanlation group that does Nozaki-kun the one I help out sometimes

But my ex-roommate

My ex-roommate of two years

Was the one doing all the translations specifically for this manga.

I was sleeping five feet away from the translator of the series. Apparently she talked to me about it too, but I didn’t recognize the name back then.


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underthespreadingchesnuttree asked: I understand why you are upset by these scenes, but have you not considered that rocket himself is merely poking fun at the subject due to his own predicament. His entire body is compiled of artificial parts, he is using comedy or bullying as his own shield against ridicule. There is a whole scene dedicated to how he doesn’t feel normal or that he belongs due to it.


Marvel films are good at dealing with complex issues such as disability, mental health problems and racism. It doesn’t take away from the point that rocket is tackling it, it adds to it, as the audience audience find him different as well.

I am not trying to make you feel bad, i am just trying to make you understand that this film is not trying to personally upset you. I suffer with misophonia which means i become extremely distressed and cant control my anger when i hear eating (among other noises), as you can imagine this makes cinemas very difficult for me. I know its difficult to feel that people aren’t singling you out, like when you hear someone laugh you immediately think they are laughing at you.

When someone eats i always think they are purposely trying to anger me. All i’m trying to say is that sometimes it is difficult not to take things personally. I dont mean to offend you, this got deleted from your rant, i just wanted you to feel better about the situation

i was going to answer privately but there are so many things i had to say about this and they need to be reiterated and soaked in. i’ll start by saying i actually have used self-deprecating humor in the past to dissolve tension due to my disability (which, in itself—shitty way to deal with an issue that is literally stuck with you for the rest of your life, FYI). i have never EVER used comedy to sleight someone else. ever. because whatever bullshit of my own i had to deal with, i would never, EVER, poke fun at someone else’s disability in order to ‘knock them down’ to my level of ire and despair just to make myself feel better.

what you have to realize is that, firstly, while rocket projecting whatever baggage he has onto other people might explain his actions, it in no way condones them or absolves him. secondly, the characters in guardians of the galaxy and in every mcu film are just that—characters. their actions are created and honed by their writers and thus mirror what the writers themselves would personally find comedic. the scene involving the leg went on for an inordinate and uncomfortable amount of time—and wasn’t even necessary to the plot. it was a throwaway used for a cheap laugh and absolutely nothing more. the cybernetic eye? same shit, different stroke, fucked me up good. james gunn isn’t a virgin to these kinds of offenses, either—look at any other work in his filmography etc and you will see the exact same ableist, sexist themes consistently. it just so happened that this time around the content managed to especially alienate me to the point where i was so upset i thought i was going to have an anxiety attack, which—i don’t know if you know about those fuckers—but when they rear their ugly heads it’s shit hits the fan and your chest is being pinned by a heavyweight champion in a cage match and the scaffolding’s cracking, buddy.

i was actually doing pretty damned well before gotg in terms of recovery, as well. it was the first time in three years i had had an episode due to my disability. think on that. three years, and i had about two fully-fledged anxiety attacks in that timespan, both of which were related to work. not related to my disability. for someone who in the not-so-distant-past couldn’t even work up the courage to sit down in a classroom without wanting to barf and die because i was so afraid people would treat me like a pariah (someone i entrusted had told tons of classmates about my disability without my permission, and in a small town with just 2 major elementary schools, it spreads like wildfire) in middle school and part of high school, i was on top of the WORLD.

until i saw arguably my favorite character in the entire cosmic comic universe taking a heaping dump on my struggles and then adding insult to injury by making fun of something that was literally my disability and treating the stealing of a prosthetic—an integral aid to normalizing everyday life—like a hilarious game, i was a fucking wealth of self-confidence borderlining arrogance. i had finally started to talk about my heaping pile of issues and work through them, feeling like something human and clean. and those moments in the movie—however fleeting or unimportant they might have seemed to you, did a big one on me. in a second that meticulously crafted bubble of self-confidence popped and i felt as sick and ugly as i had as a child. i didn’t have an anxiety attack in the theater. i was able to get myself out the moment i felt the waters ripple and rush to a bathroom and splash water on my face, count to five hundred and remind myself i was hot shit and any man woman or sentient goddamned raccoon version of joe pesci would be lucky to come within a 12 mile radius of my ethereal badass aura, whatever. but with that experience came a somber moment of clarity that reminded me just how shitty and awful and backwards most of the population still is when it comes to physical disabilities and the autonomy and worth of those with them.

you meant this good-naturedly, i’m sure. my rant was in no way meant to tell people to BOYCOTT GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY FOREVER AND EVER because, for all intents and purposes, it was a technically and cinematically tight film. like it if you want, hell, LOVE it. you make art of joe pesci raccoon and star prince et al. but realize that media can be enjoyable and also inherently problematic and damaging to a certain deficit of viewers, and it has a tendency to be especially low and ugly—and, conversely, ignored—where people with physical and mental disabilities are concerned. and it’s sort of. blatantly obvious the media wasn’t attacking me with sticks and telling me i’m shit, but it doesn’t stop me from feeling alienated and shitty. ya dig? it only proves that ignorant people will continue the ignorant trajectories of their lives, not bothering to educate themselves on the different facets and nuances of humanity that supersede the realm of ‘abled and white’, and further perpetuate their narrow beliefs unto the masses and thusly breed more ignorance. it’s a cycle. it’s dressing a hutt in makeup and telling me i should marry it. it’s sugar coating the issue at it’s finest. if something affects me, it affects me, and for someone to call it an overreaction is nullifying the heart of the issue with teddy bears and gumpdrops when it needs to be intellectually debated and acknowledged.

i volunteer at the offices where i get my prosthesis refitted. i spend an entire day every couple months talking to little kids with prosthetics, regaling my experiences and watching them stare up at me in absolute awe when they see how ‘normal’ and happy i look despite once being in their exact situation. it absolutely horrifies me to think any of them went to see guardians of the galaxy and got it stuck in their impressionable little brains that the span and summation of their struggles are worth nothing because said struggles are a joke in the eyes of the abled population. kids are smarter and more perceptive than they let on. i knew at six that my life was going to be different from those of my peers, because i was different. the kids i teach know that too.

also, i don’t know what movies you’re watching but marvel is so damned abysmal when it comes to representing people of color that the only ones to exist were painted nickelodeon slime monster green or given the stereotypical ‘good-natured sidekick role’ and honey lemme tell you, that is not representation.

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"So this is Matsuoka’s ultimate team, huh?"
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"Lately, Kashima’s been seriously annoying."

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“No one there understood why the police attacked. Before then, police hadn’t discouraged protesters from walking down Florissant Avenue. The midnight curfew was hours away. Prior to the police attack, neither I, nor anyone with whom I spoke, had seen any violation of the law. The only violence I witnessed resulted from a disproportionate and relentless assault by an unnecessarily militarized police force.”

— I was on the front lines of the violence in Ferguson. Militarized police caused the chaos. - The Washington Post (via wilwheaton)